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ScrumAlliance | Certified Scrum Master
ScrumAlliance | Certified Scrum Professional
Managing Partner

Matthäus P. Szturc


Matthäus has more than ten years of experience in the implementation of agile cultures and agile structures across various industries and and all management levels.

Since February 2018 Matthäus is Managing Partner at Agile Process GmbH and part of our Agile Process Team.

Matthäus was working in various roles and with different responsibilities at agile transformation projects e. g. as agile coach. He has especially longterm experience in the implementaion of agile structures in the insurance and banking industry.


Develop holistic solutions for sustainable systems that take customers, investors, and employees seriously and enable collaboration on a collegial level.

Previous Functions

  • Integral approach in coaching and organizational development
  • Entrepreneur out of passion, servant leader out of conviction
  • Agile Coach, Software Architect & Mediator

Selected Project Experience

  • Company foundation: Spin-off of the digital subsidiary – a start-up – of a well-known German insurance company in the role of the COO.
  • Transition of a German direct bank: Realignment of the group into a customer-centered product organization in the role of a management consultant as part of the transition team.
  • Division Management: Establishment of the Competence Center Agility of a leading IT service provider in Germany with disciplinary responsibility for over 50 employees.

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