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Felix C. Stein


For more than a decade Felix has been working as Agile Coach, Lean Coach, Change Manager, Scrum Master, Project Lead, Product Owner and in various other agile-related roles.

He is managing partner and co-founder of Agile Process GmbH.

In recent years he helped international banks, insurances, and other big companies to master the challenges of their agile transitions and projects. On the other hand he still values to work with teams, because at the end it is the shop floor where the value generation happens.

Previous Functions

  • Agile Coach
  • Lean Coach / Kanban Coach
  • Change Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Management Coach

Selected Project Experience

  • Agile transition of international corporations: Streamlining and innovative further development of structural and procedural organizations.
  • Agile Scaling of more than 50 teams by using different frameworks: LeSS, Nexus, Flight Level-Kanban, Big Room Plannings, Chapter/Guild-Approach.
  • Establishment and restructuring of organizational units both with completely new teams and by further developing existing structures.
  • Personal Coaching / Management Coaching: Accompanying executives in redefining their role description and professional practice.

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