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Coaching of Executives

Experience Agile Leadership

Leadership in Agile Organizations

Management in agile organizations has its own challenges but also offer new opportunities. We contribute with our experience from many transformations and help leaders to define their role in fast changing enviroments successfully.

The change of the leadership style and the company culture are both organizational and individual challenges. Based on our longterm experience in organizational transformation across all levels, we support the organizational change and the individual development of the leadership team. Therefore, we always focus on the individual development goals as well as the organizational goals. Change is never an end in itself.

Our Solutions

Eintroduction & Implementation

Does it make sense to introduce Scrum, Kanban or other agile methods step by step? Or should you take directly the big leap forward?


Growth & Scaling

How do teams coordinate with each other, how do they communicate, how does the collaboration with specialist departments or external partners work?

Holistic Transformation

Agile forms of organization meet classic structures. We keep an eye on the big picture and support the transformation of all areas of the company.


Coaching of Executives

Experience new leadership – we support you to redefine your leadership role in agile environments.

Interim Management

We help to bridge personnel bottlenecks, provide a fresh look at well-established routines and actively work on the continuous improvement process.