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Career at Agile Process

career at Agile Process

This is how your career continues

Your personal and professional development is important to us. Your mentor supports and advises you in your next career steps – be it in a vertical direction, e.g. from Team Coach to Scaling Coach, Agile Coach or Transformation Coach. Or also in horizontal direction, if you want to become a bigger and bigger expert in your respective role. According to your personal preferences. And no matter what you choose, both professionally and financially you will continue with us!

Thomas Mechenich

Was ist Dir bei Deinem Job besonders wichtig?

Die Freiheit und das Vertrauen von Florian und Felix (unseren beiden Gesellschaftern) zu haben, eigene Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Thomas Mechenich

Why did you choose Agile Process as employer?

Working with changing customers is very attractive to me because I want to spread an agile mindset as far as possible. I get this opportunity at Agile Process.

Boris Smeisser

Lilian Wittig

Were you able to develop your methodological skills at Agile Process?

I could. My curiosity to learn something new always finds new inputs at Agile Process. Here, I have and use the opportunity to continue my personal development on a regular basis. In addition, our Agile University ensures that our colleagues can also benefit from our knowledge.

Lilian Wittig

Kai Splittgerber

What qualities do you value in Agile Process?

Agile Process cultivates a distinct hands-on agility that implements strategy, portfolio, and processes in the spirit of successful transformation for the customer. High value is placed on the further development of contextual competencies in order to develop the organizations from both the point of view and the target picture. In addition to the Agile University, the own mindset is invited to Emergent Practice in the strategy supervision.

Kai Splittgerber

Silke Felten

What do you appreciate about Fridays when everyone meets at the office?

Since most of us usually work at other locations from Monday to Thursday, I’m glad to see my colleagues in the office on Fridays. The personal and professional exchange simply works better then and, in my opinion, is also a prerequisite for developing a “we-feeling”. And apart from that, it’s also more fun to fire up the barbecue in the summer when the others are also there.

Silke Felten

As a shareholder, where do you see Agile Process in five years and what are the strengths of Agile Process compared to the competition?

To 1: The Agile Process is the first point of contact for all those who have understood that agility is more than mindset and team coaching. And to 2: More agility than the big ones, more system understanding than the small ones!

Felix Stein

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