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Career at Agile Process

career at agile process

Our benefits

great Team

Our colorful team is characterized by diverse characters, all of them have extensive experience in an agile context, work professionally and share their knowledge with each other. No one is left alone, challenges at the client are discussed, solutions are worked out together, new ideas are developed – this is what makes us special; we usualy take time to do this! And not only for this reason: On Fridays, our office day, we also like to fire up the barbecue or eat together what one of the team has prepared. And the odd (in-)formal conversation also takes place at our high table in the kitchen.

individual training

We attach great importance to onboarding: Right at the beginning of your employment with us, we familiarize you with our internal processes and contact persons and establish a common agile understanding.

Personal Mentor

Right from the start, we provide you with a personal mentor who accompanies you in your development. He or she is the contact person for topics in the current project, cross-project content, or even your individual career path, for which you set the direction.

Continuous development

Regular professional exchange with your colleagues, our internal Agile University which covers agile and non-agile content – you are welcome to share your knowledge as well – and at least one external training every year give you the opportunity to continuously learn and develop – this is part of our professional attitude towards both you and our clients.

Agile working environment

As an agile consultancy, we are of course organized internally according to agile values and principles. Our hierarchies, for example, are flat, the degree of self-organization is high, dealing with errors is constructive, internal retros take place regularly, and transparency means, among other things, that all company data can be viewed by everyone without exception. We stand by agile methods out of conviction, which we not only communicate to our clients, but also live internally.

varied tasks

If you start with us, e.g. as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, you will work for our client for usually six to 24 months. During this time you will support and coach agile teams as well as promote agile thinking patterns and transitions. In between, you will possibly conduct a workshop on agile topics or appear as a speaker at an agile conference – as it happens or as you wish. At the end of the project, a new challenge awaits you with a new client: monotony does not arise.


In addition to your fixed annual salary, you will receive an individual bonus each year, which is linked to your personal target agreement. You also benefit from the annual company performance: 10% of the profit after tax is distributed to the entire team at the end of the year!

company pension plan

Even if it is still in the distant future, we will support you in your retirement provision and contribute up to 1,500 euros annually – provided you will use a smal part of your gross salary as well.


Deutschland-ticket / company bicicle

From your very first day with us, we will provide you with a JobTicket Deutschlandticket: stress-free to work, no traffic jams and no need to search for a parking space and without polluting the environment! Of course, you can also use your Deutschlandticket in your free time. And after your probationary period is over, we can also talk about a company bicycle.

Company laptop & cell phone

For your daily business you will receive a Windows laptop and a cell phone of the brand of your choice. Of course, you can use both for private use.

Home office – as far as possible

As a management consultancy, we are working for our customers – currently primarily remotely, but increasingly also on site. At present, we cannot reliably predict where the journey will take us. There will probably be a mixture of offsite and onsite assignments in the future as well. On Fridays, we meet for exchanges and internal training in our easily accessible office in Bonn. We have found that good team building only works face2face.

company Events

Bonding outside our workplaces is importance to us a team. There is an annual summer event, which in the past has also taken place in Amsterdam or Vienna. The graffiti workshop, skydiving, wine and cheese tasting in the garden, and paintball were also fun events. At Christmas, with good food and wine, things are usually a bit more leisure, but no less entertaining.

Fruits & Drinks

… are of course available for everyone in the office. And on Fridays there are often fresh pastries and/or cakes.

Firmenfitness mit Wellpass

Your health is important to us. That’s why we are a contractual partner of Wellpass, the leading sports and wellness network with over 6,500 partner studios throughout Germany and Austria. Whether gym, bouldering, swimming, yoga, dancing, golf, Crossfit, etc. – there’s something for everyone. Plus more than 2,000 online courses on exercise, nutrition and meditation. We think it’s the perfect offer to clear your head after a hard day at work and do something for your health! And the best, we cover most of the costs if you want to become a member of the large Wellpass network.

established agile consulting

We are not a flash in the pan, but have been successfully established on the market as an agile management consultancy for more than ten years. Well-known medium-sized companies and corporations have trusted us for many years and value our work. We will still be around tomorrow!

Thomas Mechenich

Was ist Dir bei Deinem Job besonders wichtig?

Die Freiheit und das Vertrauen von Florian und Felix (unseren beiden Gesellschaftern) zu haben, eigene Entscheidungen zu treffen.

Thomas Mechenich

Why did you choose Agile Process as employer?

Working with changing customers is very attractive to me because I want to spread an agile mindset as far as possible. I get this opportunity at Agile Process.

Boris Smeisser

Lilian Wittig

Were you able to develop your methodological skills at Agile Process?

I could. My curiosity to learn something new always finds new inputs at Agile Process. Here, I have and use the opportunity to continue my personal development on a regular basis. In addition, our Agile University ensures that our colleagues can also benefit from our knowledge.

Lilian Wittig

Kai Splittgerber

What qualities do you value in Agile Process?

Agile Process cultivates a distinct hands-on agility that implements strategy, portfolio, and processes in the spirit of successful transformation for the customer. High value is placed on the further development of contextual competencies in order to develop the organizations from both the point of view and the target picture. In addition to the Agile University, the own mindset is invited to Emergent Practice in the strategy supervision.

Kai Splittgerber

Silke Felten

What do you appreciate about Fridays when everyone meets at the office?

Since most of us usually work at other locations from Monday to Thursday, I’m glad to see my colleagues in the office on Fridays. The personal and professional exchange simply works better then and, in my opinion, is also a prerequisite for developing a “we-feeling”. And apart from that, it’s also more fun to fire up the barbecue in the summer when the others are also there.

Silke Felten

As a shareholder, where do you see Agile Process in five years and what are the strengths of Agile Process compared to the competition?

To 1: The Agile Process is the first point of contact for all those who have understood that agility is more than mindset and team coaching. And to 2: More agility than the big ones, more system understanding than the small ones!

Felix Stein

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