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Interim Management

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Need Driven Support by Proven Experts with Corporate Experience

Either as coach during the implementation of an agile transformation or to cover immediate needs in the running business, we support you with experienced Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, and Change Managers– if necessary in temporary employment via our parent company DomusAurea Consulting. Additionally, we support the recruiting of capable individuals in the agile organization.

Website of our parent Company: domus-aurea-consulting.de (in German)

We support you during the transformation process and bring our many years of experience to the table. What our employees bring to the table in this context is more than just maintaining operations: we help to take a fresh look at established routines and work actively on the continuous improvement process.

We also solve larger staffing needs – we utilize a network of partner companies and freelancers who will move into action to help you. In this case, the organizational effort remains with us, which relieves our customers.

Our consultants will help you take the next step.

Our Solutions

Eintroduction & Implementation

Does it make sense to introduce Scrum, Kanban or other agile methods step by step? Or should you take directly the big leap forward?


Growth & Scaling

How do teams coordinate with each other, how do they communicate, how does the collaboration with specialist departments or external partners work?

Holistic Transformation

Agile forms of organization meet classic structures. We keep an eye on the big picture and support the transformation of all areas of the company.


Coaching of Executives

Experience new leadership – we support you to redefine your leadership role in agile environments.

Interim Management

We help to bridge personnel bottlenecks, provide a fresh look at well-established routines and actively work on the continuous improvement process.