Cooperation Partnership

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Cooperation partners at Agile Process

In order to handle large ventures, to gain special expertise or to broaden our horizon we work together with other companies or freelancers from time to time. Since trust and quality are important for us we develop a network of proven partners which we want to expand continuously.

We are looking for

  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to become a part of our network and want to colaborate with us
  • Cooperation partners which operate in our business area (agile transformation and holistic change processes) or come from connected areas (change management, software development, organizational development etc.)
  • People and companies who are compatible with our values ​​and principles and for who economic clout, organizational flexibility, employee satisfaction and authenticity are the key for success

Working with us

Professionalism and quality are our main objectives. We guarantee these high standards to our customers even when we provide our services together with coopeartion partners. Therefore mutual understanding and trust are of key importance for us!

In this context good communication is crucial. Internally we live an open and honest exchange at eye level and we also strive for it in dealing with our cooperation partners.

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